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Stephanie Malouf | Accredited Nutritionist


The DNA Diet


Whilst you can’t choose your genes, you can influence the way your genes impact your health. Make this a positive impact with my GENE DIET service.

Diet and lifestyle factors that support optimal health for one person doesn’t always translate to the next person. That’s because we differ based on our genetic make-up and the environment in which we live in. When addressing the key factors that influence our health, it's the complex interplay between our genes which we can’t control and our environment influenced by diet and lifestyle which we can control, for the most part.

Through gene testing you can learn about your sensitivities and susceptibilities to nutrient deficiencies and certain diseases. Knowing this gives you the power to manipulate your diet and lifestyle to suit your genes and reduce your disease risk.


  1. A gene testing kit is delivered to your door

  2. You take a swab and post it back to the lab

  3. The lab sends me a genetic report which identifies your variations in chromosomes, genes and proteins (SNPs) and therefore your genetic sensitivities and susceptibilities to certain diseases

  4. I interpret these results and send you an easy to understand and practical nutrition plan with specific dietary, lifestyle and nutrient/supplement recommendations
    to optimise the functions of your genes and reduce your disease risk.

    No face-to-face time or in-clinic visits required.

The following gene profiles are available

Detoxification Profile: 

Understand your ability to detoxify and eliminate certain toxic compounds, and therefore what you might need to focus on to support your detox function.

Mood & Cognition Profile:

This profile will help highlight specific nutrient requirements based on genetic links associated with the production and metabolism of neurotransmitters. May help to uncover key contributing factors to depression, anxiety, memory, sleep and other mood related disorders.

Nutrigenomic Profile:

Helps to identify the contributing factors to persistently low nutrient levels and therefore reduce the risk of conditions associated with these deficiencies such as chronic or general fatigue, low immunity and general health and wellbeing. Also helps to identify the best supplemental form of nutrient to support your individual needs.

Methylation Profile:

Addresses potential altered metabolism of folate, B12, B6, SAMe, methionine and therefore used to identify modifiable risk factors for diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, reproductive issues, healthy cell and energy production and brain function.

Hormone & Fertility Profile:

This profile is useful to understand influences relating to pregnancy health to reduce the risk of miscarriage and neural tube defects as well as the management of hormone related concerns such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, thyroid conditions and menopause.

Wellbeing Bundle:

This bundle allows for the identification of multiple causes for health concerns and symptoms. It provides a comprehensive holistic perspective on health and wellbeing demonstrating the interrelatedness of all systems in the body combining all the above profiles.


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