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Shop 3/686-690 New South Head Road Rose Bay (Down the alley between Westpac Bank & Feisty Little Mouse)
Sydney, NSW


Stephanie Malouf | Accredited Nutritionist

Structure & Fees


  • Initial Consultations

    dietary assessment +

    $160 | 60 minutes
    A body composition assessment
    (details below)
    $180 | 75 mins

In order for me to get to the bottom of your health concerns and provide you with an effective and personalised treatment plan, I need to thoroughly understand you and your body. This is achieved through detailed questioning about your current health complaints, medical and family history, lifestyle and dietary habits with a strong focus on your current health and wellbeing goals. Using this information I will then piece together the areas that are out of balance and the focus of your customised nutrition action plan. Together we will then formulate your goals which will provide the basis for your customised program.


  • An in-depth health and dietary assessment with a key focus on your dietary patterns, behaviours and obstacles

  • Goal setting

  • A personalised & easily structured meal plan incl. macronutrient breakdowns & meal suggestions

  • Lifestyle and supplement recommendations if required

  • A free hard copy of The Base Diet. A 21-page guide on what I believe to be the fundamentals of food, nutrition and balanced eating, so that you can take control over your health and wellbeing. RRP $19.95.

  • Health tools to keep you motivated and on track

  • Delicious recipes to keep you inspired and feeling like you aren’t restricted and eating the same boring meal over and over again

  • Access to my Client Resource Portal containing meal ideas, specific diet and nutrition information sheets

  • Shopping list with recommended brands

  • Option to add a Body Composition Assessment (see below)

Mastering Your Mindset consultation
$160 | 60 mins

Do you sabotage your health? Are you an emotional eater, turning to food for pleasure? Have you hit a weight loss plateau?

To change the result you need to change the actions and your behaviour. To change behaviour you must change your mindset and negative thought patterns. This is often the missing link in the weight loss equation or a successful health program. There are many limiting beliefs and deeper psychological reasons as to why you are presented with your current health challenges. 

This consultation is focused on identifying your limiting beliefs and inner critic in order to shift your disruptive patterns. By identifying these at the start you will have more control over your negative thoughts, maximising your willpower for consistent and lasting results.

Taking Action & Goal Setting Consultation
$120 | 45 MINS

Big wins are a product of lots of small wins that are achievable. In this session we will create an action plan broken down into small, focused and achievable weekly goals that will compound to achieving your BIG end goal. Plus a body composition to track your progress.

Body composition assessment
$40 | 15 MINS

This is for you if you want a snapshot of your current health status, establish your health goals and to determine if you would like to work more closely with Stephanie in implementing a tailored program in-line with your needs. This includes an initial health questionnaire and a body composition assessment. A body composition includes:

  • Weight,

  • Body fat %

  • Muscle mass

  • Visceral fat rating

  • Physique rating

  • Body water %

  • Metabolic age

  • Basal metabolic rate

  • Daily calorie intake

Follow Up consultations

Subsequent appointments are arranged weekly, fortnightly, monthly or in six-week intervals depending on your program. During this time I will monitor and review your program and make any adjustments required to keep you on track.

Value packages

Both Value packages include a FREE weigh-in session

6-week weight-loss Program

10 x weigh-In Value pack

Functional Testing

FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING (Click to learn more)

DNA TESTING (Click to learn more)


One-on-one Shopping Excursions
$180 | 60 MINUTES

Pantry Clean Out
$235 | 2.5 min)

We all have our supermarket staples that we buy each week but is that brand of bread, yoghurt or cereal really the best option for the health of you and your family? Together we will de clutter, sort through the junk and identify what needs to be thrown out, phased out and switched out with healthier substitutes. You will learn how to eat a cleaner and balanced diet, how to read labels and identify those nasty ingredients. I will also show you how to store foods to maximise freshness and create a healthier, more inviting cooking environment. 

You will also receive a copy of my ULTIMATE SHOPPING GUIDE which includes shopping lists, recommendations and guidelines.

The Complete Healthy @ home Package
 2.5 HRS | $400


Payments Accepted

Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, Visa & Mastercard

Health Fund rebates

Stephanie Malouf Nutrition is registered with health funds so if you have private health insurance and are covered to see a Nutritionist, rebates may apply. 

Cancellation Policy

Clients may cancel or reschedule their consultations up to 24hrs prior. Less than 24hrs makes it difficult to re-allocate your booking time to other clients and thus will attract a full consultation fee. Thank you for your understanding.