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Shop 3/686-690 New South Head Road Rose Bay (Down the alley between Westpac Bank & Feisty Little Mouse)
Sydney, NSW


Stephanie Malouf | Accredited Nutritionist

Shopping Excursions


$160 | 60-75 MINUTES

A common theme I’ve seen in my practice is clients coming to see me thinking they are eating healthy, however they aren't seeing the results. A review of their diet and it’s evident why. They are substituting crap with more crap and it’s not their fault.

A trip down the supermarket aisle and you are paralysed by choice. With just dairy products alone, you have the option of lactose free, sugar free, fat free, low fat, full fat, light, pot set, live cultured, pasteurised and A2. Then there's the dairy free options. Throw in some strategically designed product labels giving you reason to believe they are good for you and you have a recipe for a diet disaster. It’s no wonder people are so confused.

What do all of these really mean when it comes to health and which one is the best option for YOU?  As part of my nutrition services, I'm offering one-on-one shopping tours where I cut through the crap and show you the healthiest options for you and your family.

Whilst we walk and talk down aisles of the supermarket I teach you:

  • How to read labels and what to look for on the ingredients list

  • My top kitchen essentials to incorporate into your everyday cooking

  • My preferred supermarket brands for enhanced nutrition

  • Healthier substitutes to your favourite everyday ingredients or guilty pleasures

  • Healthy tips, tricks and meal inspiration that are suitable to your lifestyle and tastes