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Shop 35, 2-22 Knox St (Cosmopolitan Centre), Double Bay NSW 2028
Entry at rear via Short St immediately after the entrance into the Cosmopolitan Centre Carpark. Opposite #2 Short St.


Stephanie Malouf | Accredited Nutritionist


Weight Loss Program

Stephanie's 8-week Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is difficult and isn’t as simple as calories in versus calories out. We are constantly bombarded with new fad diets and the best ways to beat the bulge. The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all approach and there certainly is no magic pill. I believe we each have our own metabolic profile which means we respond differently to certain types of foods and diets. Whether this be due to your genetic make-up or an underlying health condition, this ultimately affects what your body craves, burns as energy or stores as fat. 

If you've had a long battle with losing weight or keeping it off, this might be because you haven’t been choosing the right foods for your body type or there are more serious health factors hindering you from achieving your weight loss goals such as:

  • Insulin resistance and poor blood sugar regulation

  • Liver toxicity

  • Thyroid dysfunction

  • Stress and elevated cortisol (the stress hormone)

  • Inflammation

  • Hormonal imbalance

Furthermore, studies have identified key factors associated with successful long term weight loss These include support, goals setting, monitoring and certain dietary modifications. This is where I come in.

My weight loss program has been designed under my 4 principals of weight loss 

  1. Simplistic: A diet (way of eating) that works in with your lifestyle and doesn’t become an added stress

  2. Supportive: Simple does not mean that it's easy. Having ongoing support and education during the hardest time is vital, whilst you adopt new dietary habits that will eventually transition into an accustomed way of waiting.

  3. Steady: Allowing time for your body and mindset to adjust, ensuring this becomes a lifestyle change and not another fad diet

  4. Sustainable: So you keep the weight off long term

“I started seeing Steph mainly to help me lose weight. 3-4 months later, the results that she has helped me to achieve are completely unexpected and nothing like I had imagined. I have quickly and easily lost weight in a consistent manner every week. The best thing about it though is that I’m not hungry and not restricted. I can’t believe that I have been able to eat all that I want and still lose weight so easily. Steph has also shown me how bad and processed my diet really used to be. I didn’t even notice the effects that this diet was having on my health, but now all my headaches, tummy upsets and bloating is gone. My stress level is down too and it’s all thanks to Steph’s dedication to education about clean eating. If you are thinking about seeing her, I would highly recommend that you do
— Jenny Binetter


 1 X  initial diet assessment and personalised meal plan consultation (75 mins)

  • An in-depth health and dietary assessment with a key focus on your dietary patterns, behaviours and obstacles

  • A body composition assessment to assess your current weight, body fat %, body water %, visceral fat rating, metabolic age, muscle mass and metabolic disease risk

  • Treatment plan outlining phased weight loss goals and time frames to work towards that are realistic

  • A customised and easily structured eating plan

  • Health tools to keep you motivated and on track

  • Delicious recipes to keep you inspired and feeling like you aren’t restricted and eating the same boring meal over and over again

  • Shopping list with recommended brands

1 x 30 FOLLOW UP consultation

  • To develop an 8-week action plan with specific focus goals for each week


  •  For quick weight-ins and body composition assessments to monitor and measure your hard work and achievements

Ongoing Support

  • A key component of successful weight-loss


  • Find out Stephanie's top kitchen essentials to incorporate into your everyday cooking

  • Learn how to read labels and what to look for on the ingredient lists

  • Find healthier substitutes to your favourite everyday ingredients or guilty pleasures

  • Get tips whilst walking the aisles of About Life & Woolworths on quick and easy meal ideas in line with your customised weight loss program

standard Package Price: $580 (value $620) 
 With shopping EXCURSION: $730 (value $770)
BOTH PACKAGES Incl. A Free weigh in Consultation

  *Note: Any supplements thought to be necessary will not be included in this cost