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Ground Floor, 377 New South Head Road
Double Bay, NSW, 2028


Stephanie Malouf | Accredited Nutritionist


Steph has helped me reach a balanced, maintainable approach to food I didn’t think was possible when trying to lose weight. I’m now finding myself genuinely enjoying the food I’m creating while seeing real progress on the scales. My weekly catch ups with her have been great for keeping me on track while also providing tips for fitting this new healthy approach into my day to day life.
— Emily Hudson
Steph is a miracle worker! Her extensive knowledge has changed the way I live. I have so much more energy and have become a healthier person in every aspect of my life.
— Rosie Carnegie
I have never had a balanced diet in my entire life and after consultations with Stephanie I feel educated and excited about looking after myself. She made me feel very comfortable and was extremely inspirational and knowledgeable.
— Taline Mayson
After having my second baby, I knew I couldn’t make the same mistake of running on empty and not nourishing myself properly. I made an appointment to see Steph (Stephanie?!) & she designed a healthy eating program, with a focus on giving me energy, healing my gut and treating an underlying hormone issue.
I love working with Steph because she understands I am a busy, working Mum & that massive/time consuming changes to my lifestyle would be challenging. My program has been achievable and not overwhelming, and as a result I have been able to stick to it. I have more energy, and generally feel empowered to make healthy food choices for myself and my young family.
— Lara Pitt, Fox Sports Presenter
I have suffered with chronic crohns disease from the age of 9 years old (I am 28 years of age). I have had many complications over the years and in order to manage the crohns I have been prescribed with strong drugs & infusions to keep the crohns at bay. I don’t usually talk publicly about this, but need to share how Steph managed to aid in my management of this disorder. I do come across as a confident & happy person but I have had dark times with my health and battled most of my life. Crohns is something you can’t see so people can look normal and healthy from the outside but the inside is a totally different story. I always live a normal life with my friends and family and try be as social as possible. I go out and drink and live a normal life but at the same time I know I shouldn’t, as I’m different to everyone else and my immunity is very low so I am more prone to catching colds and random infections. I recently saw Steph for a consult and it made me feel so at ease knowing she actually cared and really wanted to help. Steph’s approach was to tackle my problem head on by targeting the source of inflammation. Steph was very clued up about the gut and crohns disease and I knew Instantly that I was in good hands. Steph was so patient and helpful throughout the whole process. Crohn’s disease is a inflammatory disorder therefore Steph put me on a strict Bio Ceutical’s regime that tackles purely inflammation which is my biggest problem. 2 months down the track I have stuck to this regime religiously and I have seen a massive improvement in my stomach and energy levels. I had a blood test a few days ago and my doctor said my inflammation markers have never been so low from usually being at 24 and now dropped to a low of 6! For me this was music to my ears and a big deal, not to mention a big step towards a brighter future for my health. I have to say Steph has opened my eyes and made me feel so much better about my health and myself. Steph thank you so much for guiding me to a healthier me, you have truly changed my life for the better.
— Jade Cantoni
Four weeks ago I had my first consultation with Stephanie, I wanted to educate myself about my health and what I was putting into my body. After years of poor choices and bad habit and child birth, Stephanie in our weekly sessions has given me the tools, knowledge, support strength and guidance i needed to finally turn things around. Her teachings are eye opening and so inspiring. in just four weeks i have easily and sustainably lost 5.5kg, weight aside i feel healthy, happy and more alive. It is not a diet it is a lifestyle change and the best part about what i have achieved is getting my energy back to spend better time with my toddler and being happy again. Stephanie said its all me and she can only provide the support... i think she is amazing and can change your life if you put in the effort. Thank you for everything Stephanie you are amazing.
— Jess Alvial
I had a consultation with Stephanie to discuss my nutritional requirements of being vegetarian. During the consultation Stephanie both educated and inspired me. My eyes are now open to what foods I require daily so that my body can be as happy and healthy as possible. Before my meeting with Stephanie I considered myself a healthy eater and believed I was getting everything my body needed but now I understand nutrition much more and have a new found enthusiasm for creating meals and preparing food. Thanks so much Stephanie!
— Hayley Grey
I started seeing Steph mainly to help me lose weight. 3-4 months later, the results that she has helped me to achieve are completely unexpected and nothing like I had imagined. I have quickly and easily lost weight in a consistent manner every week. The best thing about it though is that I’m not hungry and not restricted. I can’t believe that I have been able to eat all that I want and still lose weight so easily. Steph has also shown me how bad and processed my diet really used to be. I didn’t even notice the effects that this diet was having on my health, but now all my headaches, tummy upsets and bloating is gone. My stress level is down too and it’s all thanks to Steph’s dedication to education about clean eating. If you are thinking about seeing her, I would highly recommend that you do
— Jenny Binetter
Stephanie really helped me understand what foods to eat for my body ! She has helped feel less bloated, more energized and given me a little pep in my step ! There is nothing worse than feeling tired and uncomfortable after a meal and after our sessions together she taught me how to tackle the problems that were making me feel like this way ! Thank you Stephanie for giving me the guidance to eat & feel better !
— Lia Terizis
Working with Stephanie has been truly eye-opening. In our sessions together I’ve been able to identify my sensitivity to gluten and have learned to cook a range of satiating and delicious meals that have helped me achieve lightness and has enhanced my energy levels. I would recommend Stephanie to men and women alike who are curious about the impact of food on your body, your mindset and your relationships with others.
— Nadia Surtees
Stephanie has empowered me to take control of my health through diet reform. The amazing results have enabled me to dramatically improve my lifestyle and I no longer feel like I am a slave to psoriatic arthritis, nor dependent on prescription medication. Most importantly, Stephanie has opened up my mind to the possibilities that can be achieved through a nutrition plan design specifically for my body. I look forward to taking on the challenge of reversing all of my symptoms completely.
— Adam Solano
I came to see Stephanie to work through some nutritional issues I was having, I found her to be very knowledgeable and helped me to gain a better understanding of the importance of what and how I was eating as well as highlighting key elements I was missing from my diet. I have seen such an improvement to my energy leaves and state of mind since seeing Steph and I feel that she has changed how I now approach my nutrition as a holistic view. Through each session we set achievable goals and I felt as though I was making progress right from the start. I would highly recommend Steph, as she is motivating and extremely supportive.
— Emma Edwards
From the first consultation with Stephanie, I can honestly say I felt completely at ease talking to her and telling her about my diet. She never made me feel like I couldn’t have a little treat. She simply suggested better and natural alternatives. Being young and wanting to have a few drinks, especially when it got to the weekend always meant I would turn to the unhealthy sugary cocktail options. Stephanie was amazing and taught me how to control my sugar intake on the weekends and make simple changes which have had massive results.
— Emma Barbour
Stephanie have been my nutritionist for the last few months. She helped me with my diet and I feel great! The best thing is the recipes are delicious and easy to make.
— Jennifer Ohep