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Stephanie Malouf | Accredited Nutritionist

Nutrition & Mindset Student Mentorship Program


The senior years are exceptionally demanding on students. As the academic and social pressures increase, so do poor diet and lifestyle habits and high level stress which takes a huge toll on student wellbeing.

Disordered eating (undereating and overeating) is the third most common chronic illness for young females. The peak risk period for the onset of an eating disorder is adolescence, making it the most crucial time to educate young women on healthy eating, stress management and mental wellbeing. The internet and social media however is the leading source of information for students, exposing them to misleading nutrition advice, fad diets and unrealistic comparisons driving body image anxieties.

The two leading issues of concerns in students are coping with stress and school or study problems. More than ever, they need to be supported correctly during a crucial developmental period in their lives; academically, socially and physically. This can be optimised by safe, supportive and respectful learning environments. Not only do confident and mentally resilient students perform better academically, these skills also contribute to their ability to create and maintain healthier relationships with family and friends and achieve greater physical health which is what they value most.

In this 4 week program, students learn in small groups of just 4-6, how to optimise their nutrition and mindset as well as manage their stress and workloads to unleash their full potential. Each weekly session is 75 minutes, containing the same girls each week. Students may form their own peer groups if thy prefer.

This program is suitable for students in Years 10-12.


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