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Shop 3/686-690 New South Head Road Rose Bay (Down the alley between Westpac Bank & Feisty Little Mouse)
Sydney, NSW


Stephanie Malouf | Accredited Nutritionist

How I Practice

The body is a complex interrelated system. Symptoms are merely your body telling you it's out of balance, preventing you from functioning at your optimum; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Conventional Western medicine is focused on treating symptoms through medication. Whilst this provides relief, the underlying problem still exists and failure to address it in the long term is a key driver of disease. As a natural health practitioner, my goal is to identify and treat the underlying cause as opposed to just the symptoms, which is like putting a band-aid over the wound.

Whilst my practice doesn't negate the conventional biomedical approach, my focus is on primarily using food and if necessary dietary supplements to prevent the development of disease and when required complement conventional medicine to increase the body’s healing power.

Often our symptoms are driven by both environmental, dietary and mental toxicities and deficiencies. Thus working with me will likely entail dietary, lifestyle changes and supplementation when needed to put the body back into balance and symptom free.

My philosophy

"Being healthy is about finding the perfect balance between feeling your best without feeling deprived".


Life is to be enjoyed whether that means eating out a couple of nights a week, having a glass or two of wine or indulging in chocolate. I enjoy all three, sometimes at the same time. But I also know how to recognise the signs when my body is saying I've been a little too overly indulgent and the perfect antidote to bring it back into balance through nutrition.

Not only will I educate you on how to restore your health, but also on how to recognise the signs before any serious complications arise.


Absolutely not. As your nutritionist my goal is to provide you with small, incremental, achievable and practical solutions that work into your life without causing any added stress. This doesn’t mean that it will be easy. If you’re looking for a quick fix then I’m not the right practitioner for you. Health is a lifestyle choice that requires long term change. This is a highly involved process that takes time, commitment and hard work from both of us.

Research shows that regular reviews with a qualified nutritionist achieves greater results than those doing it alone. If you are ready to commence this journey together and feel that I am the right practitioner for you, then I'd love to work with you.


A healthy diet doesn’t mean starving and depriving your body. Rather it’s a healthy way of eating, focusing on specific foods that will provide you with the necessary nutrients your body requires to restore balance. This will vary based on your individual needs.

As a lover of food with European & Middle Eastern blood, I want to get you excited and inspired by delicious, healthy, wholesome food. As a nutritionist, it’s my goal to help you build a healthy relationship with food and use it as the primary form of medicine as it was intended. During our consultations, I will likely provide you with dietary modifications and support so you can eat your way to health and success.