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Stephanie Malouf | Accredited Nutritionist



Stephanie Malouf Nutrition

A new approach to cleansing combining gut healing bone broth, intermittent fasting and a balanced diet for boosted benefits

As you know I am very focused on gut health. More and more research is emerging on how the gut is linked to a large number of chronic health conditions. Two of the biggest gut related determinants in disease prevention and progression are the composition of bacteria that live in your gut and intestinal permeability, more commonly known as ‘leaky gut’. 

A Leaky gut is when the lining of your intestines becomes damaged allowing harmful toxins, bacteria and other foreign materials to leak through and enter the bloodstream. This is becoming a growing issue and subsequently gaining more and more attention in the health and medical world, largely a product of our diet and lifestyle. The main drivers of leaky gut are stress, environmental toxins, processed diets, alcohol and medications which so many of us are exposed to on a daily basis. Harvard Researchers also found gluten to be a big driver of a leaky gut, not just limited to people with celiac disease but anyone consuming it. Unless you are STRICTLY gluten free which most people aren’t, myself included, you're likely causing some sort of damage to your gut lining.

Detoxing has become a very popular health trend and most of us have done one or attempted to do one at some point in our lives. A detox is beneficial every now and then to give your liver some love and care and to reduce the toxic burden. My biggest concern however when it comes to detoxing is that many people are doing one with a leaky gut. This is a problem as detoxing with a ‘leaky gut’ means that the harmful toxins being eliminated from the liver via  the digestive tract can leak back into the body, only further exacerbating your internal toxic environment. 

Bone broth is something I recommend to many of my clients for a wide range of health benefits, gut healing in particular. My personal belief and love for bone broth lead me to meeting the wonderful team at Undivided Food Co and working alongside them to deliver consumers with the ultimate fast food product, for health and convenience. 

One of the proud projects I have recently completed for Undivided Food Co is a broth-based cleanse program using their GOOD BONES 100% Certified Organic Bone Broth. I am really proud about this program for one because it’s something I put a lot of time, energy and brain power into completing and secondly because I wholeheartedly believe in its benefits. 

Here is why..

Bone broth is like a premium stock, made from bones and veggies simmered on low heat over many many hours. This low and slow cooking process draws all the nourishing nutrients out of the bones, the final product being a think flavourful broth packed with vitamins, minerals and the star player, Gelatin. Gelatin is derived from the broken down collagen in the bones and provides the necessary structural components for healing and sealing the digestive tract, so that it's no longer leaky. The liquid collagen is also great for your skin, hair, nails, joints and reducing inflammation among other things. 

What sets this detox program apart from all the other cleanse and juice programs on the market, is that it addresses the importance of gut healing in detoxification. Most cleanses focus solely on supporting the liver however it’s just as important, if not more so that you support the digestive tract concurrently, otherwise you could end up more toxic than you were before you started the cleanse. 

The program also takes it one step further by combining the scientifically-backed benefits of intermittent fasting and eating nutrient dense whole foods in an all-in-one, easy to follow customisable program. Yes you can eat food on this cleanse! Intermittent fasting or the 5:2 diet has also been associated with a number of health benefits such as detoxification, weight loss and longevity but the biggest challenge for those fasting is knowing what to eat on the fast days. On this program, I guide you every step of the way, using the bone broth to create low calorie veggie soups to get you through your ‘fast days’ without feeling like you could chew your arm off.  

However the true benefit in this program is that I educate you on how to eat a healthy balanced diet, empowering you with the knowledge so it can be followed beyond the 7 or 21 days for long term reward and health benefits.  

Spring has sprung and the perfect time for a cleanse so if you were thinking about doing one this just might be the one for you. You have two options; a 21-Day Reset or 7-Day Kick Starter depending on your health goals and both can be purchased online. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the cleanse programs, feel free to get in touch with me!